BMM Top Ten Favorites 2016

 A whole year has flown by – but that’s what the years do. It’s been a whirlwind of home projects, travelling and other life changes. Regardless, I listened to AMAZING music, but had no time to write proper reviews. Never one to do things half-hearted so it’s better to not do them at all. I’ve always gravitated towards familiar atmospheric black metal with a little chaos thrown in. It may not be for everyone, but I hope you enjoy what I share. No decision has been made on continuing BMM, but for now the scene is strong and the web site remains. Anything can happen! Check out the list below..

From my  family to yours – Grim tidings and a Happy New Year.


1-  Fire of The SpiritTwilight Fauna
2 – YūgenAshbringer
3-  AutumnColdworld
4-  DirgeRaspail
5-  Empty Space MeditationUrfaust
6-  CorewardCrown of Twilight
7-  WodeWode
8 – WinterloreWinterlore
9-  Empires of AshSojourners
10- A Winter TombMourn Them

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BMM Top Ten Favorites 2015

  I’ve often said that music is subjective to the listener and SO many great releases have come out this year that it’s hard to narrow down to only 10. Even though I haven’t been writing much, a few surprises hit my ears in 2015 and I’d love to share them with you. It’s based on what I listened to the most and not what might be considered the most popular or “best” production wise or just because a band has thousands of fans. The amount of personal energy it takes for a musician to create a vision involves the same genuine emotion whether you are in a band of five or a one person project.

 Here is my final Top Ten for 2015 (and honorable mentions). I will take off the next year to focus on work and other activities. May your holiday season be filled with regret, strong drink and lovely shades of gray.

Thank you and keep listening to black metal.

1- Ecferus / PrehistoryFragile Branch


2. Dødheimsgard/ A Umbra Omega – Peaceville Records


3. Hivelords/Tapered Limbs of a Human Star – Anthropic Records


4. Midnight Odyssey/Shards of Silver Fade – I, Voidhanger


5. VI / De Praestigiis Angelorum – Agonia Records


6. Drowning in the Light / From the Abyss – Dark Adversary Productions


7. Der Weg einer Freiheit / Unendlich – Season of Mist


8. Hermóðr / What once was beautiful – Wolfspell Records


9. Blaze of Perdition / Near Death Revelations -Agonia Records


10. Ghost Bath / Moonlover -Northern Silence


Honorable Mentions

Striborg – This Suffocating Existence

Crown of Twilight – North

Drowning Deeper – No Light just Darkness (single)




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Blog Update: The End is Near…

Greetings! I’ve been listening to amazing stuff this year and I’m currently working on a personal top ten for December 2015. However, I will not be posting anything for 2016.  Black Metal Mother has led me to really interesting places and people and it’s been one of the best experiences of my life. I won’t ever stop listening to the music I love, but feel the journey next year calls for less interactions on the internet and more personal connections with nature.

I still have a few posts to make this year and the website & twitter will stay up for now. Special thanks to those who have made the GBMC interview with Ash of Nargaroth one of the most read interviews on this site. I’ve never promoted  intolerance, but I firmly believe the scene could do more by displaying mutual respect of individuals and not encouraging young people to self mutilate and self destruct. There’s nothing wrong with feeling hateful and angry as long as you aren’t hurting yourself or others. Engage in a creative process and promote the things you are passionate about – whatever they may be.

Thanks for the continued support! Keep listening to black metal.


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Chrworsch – Ein Totenspruch zur viehischen Begattung (2015)

Soiling my brain on this mysterious and bestial debut by  Chrworsch out now
via Iron Bonehead Productions. It’s amazingly HARSH with a terrifying darkness that has put me in an awful mood. Not much is known about this project being delivered with pure rage and blasphemy, but it’s a fine way to start the grim season ahead.

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Black Kvlt Fest III

The hordes will be unleashed this weekend at Churchills for Black Kvlt Fest III that will shred the soul of Miami and embrace the darkness of our Southern abyss. Not only does this event support local heaviness, it also includes touring bands with over 20 performances that will turn your brain matter into jagged shards of ice. Lucera, and Acheron will be headlining along with other favorites.

Here at Black Metal Mother we are proud to be a sponsor and Black Kvlt Production has done the hard work to make this happen three years in a row. Come out and support the black metal scene in South Florida.




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VI- De Praestigiis Angelorum (2015)

VI is an extreme black metal 3 piece band from France made up by current/ex-members of Aosoth and Antaeus. Their debut release on Agonia Records took five years to build, and the result is a turbulent masterpiece from start to finish. The stand out Il est trop tard pour rendre gloire. Ainsi la lumière sera changée en ombre de la mort (It is too late to give glory. So the light will be turned into the shadow of death) is a pure representation of the melodic assault style these talented musicians have brought to their craft. One favorite track Une place parmi les morts (A place among the dead) stirred up irritable feelings. Mostly regrets that I didn’t pay more attention in French class. VI catapults the listener into the furthest chaotic dimensions of authentic black metal and for me –  it’s one of the best releases of the year.

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Setekh – Crown of Twilight (2015)

These two tracks by Poland’s Crown of Twilight are a hypnotic voyage through layers of noise & ambient. Setekh is an auditory expansion of atmosphere created using simple processes. Unlike some of the previous melodic releases, this one sinks deep into the inner sanctum of a dark and mysterious realm.




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The Hubris and Nemesis EP – The Noctambulant (2015)

The Noctambulant is a hard working band from from Jacksonville that just delivered an EP hearkening back to days of old school black metal. Raw and honest, these talented musicians (and all around good people) are an example of how Florida metal keeps rolling like a runaway train. Not only has their fan base grown since the first time I caught them at Black Kvlt Fest, they’ve also picked up a few sweet endorsements.

The Hubris and Nemesis is an homage to the bands that influenced them and it really does a great job at capturing low-fi style that isn’t over burdened with slick production. Sometimes less is more and they really nailed it with this release. Check the dates for an East Coast October tour with another awesome Florida band Promethean Horde so don’t miss a show if it comes near you.


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Black Metal Fest Set to Rise in 305

The swarm is returning to Churchill’s in Miami October 17th for the third annual Black Kvlt Fest that brings together touring acts along with some of the darkest bands in Florida. One of the headliners this year will be Acheron who are playing Miami for the first time as part of their Home Sweet Hell tour. Created in Tampa by Vincent Crowley over 27 years ago, they are veteran musicians globally known for powerful black metal thrash. Also headlining are the blistering raw sounds of Lucera. Described as blackened Colombian cocaine metal, they’ll be delivering the first live performance since 1996.

The 2014 Fest was CRUSHING and you can check out the review here. Black Kvlt Production does a great job rotating bands between two stages so fans don’t miss anything. A few of my favorites performing are Bullethorn, Hellwitch, Faethom, and Ancestor, but there are other powerful bands on this bill that add more elements of blackened crust and punk. Hellgoat and Vimur will also be joining from the state of Georgia which is further proof of how strong metal music rages throughout the South.

For tickets and details – visit the official event page.

black kvlt fest 3 flier

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Tapered Limbs of A Human Star – Hivelords (2015)

Nothing gets me posting quicker than a preview track from one of my favorites – Philadelphia’s Hivelords. This release will be out August 4th on CD, vinyl and digital via Anthropic Records. Almost ten minutes thick, Vessel is a musical journey that inundates the listener with crushing riffs representative of the bands original style. Each album has been consistently spellbinding with the combination of sludge, doom and black metal. Hivelords begin touring next month so don’t miss a show if they come to a town near you.

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Blog Update

I’ve been taking a break from posting this summer. The Florida heat isn’t really inspiring for writing. Nothing icy or grim about my life right now, but I will take things up again once the season passes. Thanks for following!


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Astral Dream – Perennial Isolation (2015)

Perennial Isolation is one of those bands that gives me the deepest of feels. Melodically heavy and filled with passion, Astral Dream is available now at Darkwoods EU. From the sounds of the new track Memory, they are just as powerful as ever. Learn more about the band from the interview I did in 2013 or visit their social media page.

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Black Metal Summer heating up the Abyss..

The Noctambulant is a strong Florida band that will be embarking on their Blood, Hellfire & Blasphemy Tour kicking off June 7th in Denver. This four piece from Jacksonville mixes elements of melodic with classic black metal and they put on a powerful show. Honest in the delivery with no bullshit, you don’t want to miss a performance. You can catch them on this tour along with Neldöreth and Vesterian at Churchill’s in Miami on June 14th with other Florida crushers Secrets She Kept, Ancestor, and Caveman Cult.  Visit the Black Kvlt Production event page for more details on the Miami show. **UPDATE sadly the tour was cancelled, however The Noctambulant will be making all of the Florida dates.



hellfire tour (2)




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Rotten Life / Drowning Deeper split (2015)

Two one person projects come together for an icy offering. Crossing Paths between Suicide and Life released by Rotten Light (Spain) and Drowning Deeper (Oregon) melt together perfectly for those fans of low fi depressive style. Both artists are masters at crafting unique compositions of raw black metal thick with darkness and sure to be a favorite of grim misanthropes everywhere.

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Shadow Kingdom – Crown of Twilight (2015)

Crown of Twilight is one of my favorite one person projects whose talent is painting complicated landscapes using basic instrumental setup. I had the pleasure of interviewing C last fall and each release has been consistently strong and very moving. Shadow Kingdom is another gem to add to the list with a solemn and tumultuous vibe that doesn’t disappoint fans of ambient/raw black metal.

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Lords of Chaos Film

This could be really great or a complete load of rubbish. In some ways it feels like the money hounds have finally come calling on the scene. Some of my friends have even expressed that black metal has become a little too “hip”…. what do you think? Check out the article from Rolling Stone.





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Southern Abyss

I’ve opened up a web shop to finally purge some of my collections. It’s mostly Florida ephemera, but eventually will include more unique items and music.

Visit the site if you are interested. Thank you!


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Demo – Wildspeaker (2015)

Check out the short demo of black metal/crust  Wildspeaker from Texas. The DIY spirit rages and a powerful female vocalist leads the assault with two beautifully done tracks. It’s a great listen for those with a punk heart and they are currently working on a full album. For more info visit their official page.

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Wanderers of Oblivion – Adore (2015)

I had the pleasure of interviewing Adore last year and her “one woman black metal” sound continues to grow. Wanderers of Oblivion is the latest release, it’s raw and unfiltered rage. Adore molds a style from the tragic events of life along with the heavy influence of her metal roots. Not everyone can appreciate the amount of work it takes to create a full one person project and Adore deserves mad respect for creating a mystic and icy world of her own.

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One Cold Night in Norway

I’ve really been enjoying the Darkthrone tribute release that came out last December. It’s harsh nostalgia delivered by some excellent bands so name your price for the digital download.

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Visualizing the Nightmares

The midnight oil has been burning deep in the South to fan the flames of Primitive Violence Records & Visuals. Creator, resident She-Wolf and guitarist Jean Saiz of Shroudeater has been releasing some of Florida’s heaviest and cosmic blasphemies.  The latest from death thrashers Hot Graves  arrives with a figurine and some bad ass stickers.  I scored the Orbweaver release awhile back and the packaging art was one of a kind. Jean always has something brewing and took the time to answer a few questions about the process:

Tell me about the inspiration behind the label?
Initially the label was created as a way to release Shroud Eater stuff without saying that we “self-released” an album. By doing that, however, I knew I didn’t want this to be some vanity label either, so there was a commitment towards working with and releasing other bands as well. I also knew I didn’t just want to release a cassette, I wanted to do something unique with each release. I’ve always been a sucker for cool packaging, and I needed some sort of outlet for my illustrations and the plans I had towards creating merch with those. Essentially all of these ideas collided and formed the basis for the label.

10421456_804618196294134_2794015694406574128_nYears ago you told me cassettes were coming back, but I didn’t believe you. Now it seems like many bands only put out cassettes. What do you think drives this appeal?
Only speaking from my own experience, I think certain sounds really lend themselves to the cassette medium. Personally, I don’t care much for over-produced and highly polished recordings. I like some grit and hiss and that’s definitely something that comes across on a cassette release. There’s also nostalgia involved because cassettes are fun, compact and tangible. I like the feel of them, how they look in the package; visually  and sonically it all works for me. And the interesting part of all of this is that it forces people to listen to music on something other than their iPod or computer.

For Hot Graves you produced a figurine en masse  – what were the challenges (if any)?
I’ve been following a lot of custom and bootleg toy makers on the Instagram circuit, and I had thought it would be cool to do a figurine for one of my releases. Luckily Hot Graves had cover art that leant itself to this kind of treatment, so I sought out Dr. Gonzo of Etc. Toys and commissioned him to do the toys.. I loved the colors and craftsmanship he used on his other figurines and figured it would be a good fit. I had to scrounge eBay looking for toys that Gonzo could use to create the bootleg “Sorcerer” Figurine and goat head. Beyond that being said, I didn’t personally create the toys, however I know there was some consternation in the way that the toys were created with the resin molds breaking or not settling correctly(something very foreign to me). Luckily Gonzo is a stand-up dude and pushed through to create the 50 figurines for me, just in time for the release. Also, the Post Office sucks, and almost lost the last shipment of toys, so that is always a challenge dealing with them.



If you could release for any band – who would be some of your favorites?
That’s a tough one. I would, of course, want to work with bigger bands I love like YOB, or UFOMAMMUT. Shit, L7 is back together and touring, that would be a dream come true!

What do you see in the future for Primitive Violence?
I would like to push the illustration and artistic side of the label more in the future. I’ve started small with setting up some merch (stickers, buttons, prints) of some of my illustrations, and I hope that those start piquing people’s interest in my work and just organically growing the way the label and musical side has. Otherwise, I look forward to working with more bands and keep coming up with interesting extras… There’s a lot of stuff in the works, which I never like to divulge, so for now, it’s just pedal to the metal, rinse and repeat till it all gets done.

For more releases visit the Primitive Violence website.


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The Great Unplugging

It’s the first day of Spring and I feel like a bird hitting a glass window when it comes to Facebook. It might work for some – and kudos to those who flourish there – but I find the algorithms and engagement frustrating. Social networks have always been creepy for me and have negative effects on friendships. They erode your privacy and expose you to opinionated wanks drowning in a pool of narcissistic disorders. Everyone has their own path and this has never been a popularity contest for me, it’s only ever been an archive to a journey. “If we are true to ourselves, we can not be false to anyone.” I think Polonius could have been one of those wanks if he had a personal page, but he made a good point.

to-facebook-or-not-to-facebook2A sincere thank you to those who followed BMM on Facebook, but that page will be retired. I’m staying on WordPress & Twitter for now so it’s back to the forest for me and up the lurkers tree – where it’s cold and comfortable. Submissions can be sent to See you in the woods..

Cheers! And keep listening to black metal.15860274984_ce7e70c02f_o

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Dødheimsgard – A Umbra Omega (2015)

It’s been eight years since the last release from Dødheimsgard. Their Norwegian style is described as an “avant-garde & schizophrenic concoction” and they’ve been releasing material for over 20 years. Now with this new work, if the devil ran a carnival – it could be the soundtrack to his fun house.  PromoImageOpening with  The Love Divine , the brief intro chimes out with innocent creepiness that gives no sense of what lies ahead. From that point on it embarks on a primitive melodic journey.  The structures tunnel deep down with unexpected twists and turns, uncomfortable at times, but gripping. A perfect example of this is God Protocol Axiom at 13:13 long – the level of musicianship is gargantuan.  I have this set on repeat and uncover something new each time. Every track on here is heavy and really fun to those who like to push boundaries of black metal – it kicks into overdrive.

Some may not dig the disjointed moments that give this project a genuine experimental edge especially if you not prone to expanding your musical imagination. I didn’t get the same vibe from their last album Supervillian Outcast that had too much of a metal/death core feel I didn’t freeze up to. This is something very special and worth a listen. A Umbra Omega releases tomorrow on Peaceville Records.



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Hivelords in the Studio for Upcoming Full Length

Philadelphia hosts one of the best black doom acts around right now and they were recently featured in Decibel magazine. Currently they are working on a follow up to their teeth rattling Cavern Apothecary (2013) and embarking on a 2015 summer tour. Don’t miss a chance to see them live so visit Anthropic Records or Hivelords on Facebook for updated news and tour info.

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Low of Wisdom – Dahakara (2015)

Cold ambient from Istanbul by (mostly one person) project Dahakara is a must for any fan of beautiful haunting arrangements. By the way the tracks flow you can tell there was a lot of heart put into this unique and refreshing work.  The sound falls into the post-black range with a heavy space feel that sounds amazing on your headphones. If you are interested, Dahakara was interviewed recently on Mondo Satania about the musical process and influence.

For more visit the Facebook page or Bandcamp.

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Blog Update

BMM will be saying goodbye to Facebook. After much consideration I’ve decided to bury things back underground and away from intrusive social networks. This has always been about a personal journey to expand upon the music I come across, so if you follow on Facebook – I’m glad you joined me for the ride.

At one time it was suggested to turn BMM into a small label, but after seeing so many friends already doing that successfully – I decided it was not for me. You have to make sacrifices on running a proper label so that it does good service to the bands and fans. Devoting time to make it work is a resource I don’t possess. My role as supporter and fan is something I’m pleased with so it’s not complicating life any further. Throwing light on the local scene and posting harsh projects will go on until life takes another turn into the big unknown.

Cheers & keep listening to black metal!!


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Soundcloud Pick: Crowhurst

L.A.’s Crowhurst describe themselves as “experimental black metal”. Just reading that I was hesitant to give it a listen simply because I didn’t know what to expect. I’m glad I did.  The sound blends influences of noise, post-black and even psychedelic in a unique way. It’s hard to pick out a track that I enjoyed most on this upcoming self titled release because each one encompasses its own darkness. Visiting the Bandcamp I’m struck by the volume of work from a band that’s only a few years old and has involved some pretty cool collaborations. The Girl 27 solo work is worthy of a listen too if you dig sick noise.

Crowhurst delivers a labyrinth of black atmospheres all coming together April 10th on Ivory Antler Recordings.

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It’s Always Darker in the Sunshine State

I support my local scene and it doesn’t really matter to me what the rest of the world thinks of Florida. In between the face eating zombies, sun baked douche bro’s and random violent naked people -we’ve always held onto a thriving and hard music scene. Bands like The Noctambulant, Secrets She Kept, Hellfrost, Faethom, Ancestor, Promethean Horde and so many others keep it burning hot like summer beach sand on your hooves. On March 21st Churchills in Miami will host Florida legends Kult ov Azazel along with HOD from Texas. If you live anywhere in the 305 you should check this out.



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Help StanDark Art Remain in the Unites States

I profiled Ukrainian artist Stanislav last year who works hard at creating intense and emotionally charged pieces even though he was born with Cerebral Palsy and suffers from a degenerative eye condition. Funds are being raised so he can stay here in the U.S. and your assistance is needed. Visit the Facebook page to view his collection or directly to Go Fund and help him accomplish this goal.


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Prehistory – Ecferus (2015)

Excellent preview of the upcoming release by Ecferus, a one person project from Indiana. These tracks are built upon the bones of ancients and listeners will find themselves wading through the ashes of the past. Prehistory spins a complex dark magic with elements of classic black metal and beautiful melodic guitar work. I’m really excited to get my hands on one of 75 copies, but pre-orders are not up yet. Follow Fragile Branch for more info.

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Soundcloud Pick: Leviathan

A track from the upcoming Leviathan release of “Scar Sighted” on Profound Lore Records. If this is an indication of what’s to come – it’s going to be brilliant.

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Withering in Dust – Hateful Desolation

I had intended to write about Hateful Desolation last year when I followed them on my now defunct Soundcloud, but the demo by this two person collaboration by Gray Ravenmoon and Void (the genius behind Frostagrath)  is a fantastic blend of depressive & atmospheric black metal. These tracks express an epic and beautiful sadness and anyone who loves atmospheric ice will tumble deep into their sound. Visit their social media page for more info on new and past projects.

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BMM Top 10 Favorites of 2014

It’s been a satisfying couple of years on the internet and this page has always remained a running account of sharing a personal journey. Naturally with time my focus has been shifting into other projects and I may not be posting as often in 2015. I welcome and appreciate those who send music, but sadly get too busy that I’m unable to listen to it before a release date. So much heavy blackness came out in 2014 and it’s hard to narrow it down to only ten. I was tempted to make it twelve, but resisted. Other sites break top picks into splits, EP’s etc., but that’s not how I compose a list. It’s based solely on what dominates my playlist the most and I highly recommend that you give these bands a listen. Most are well known – others are not. One of the best things about music is that we all have our own taste so I may not have included a few here that are considered to be most “popular” in the genre.

I thank all of those who sent tunes and shared links. Please revel in this season of mirth and abject misery and thanks for the support! See you in the new year.

1. Sammath – Godless Arrogance / Hammerheart Records


2. EnthronedSovereigns / Agonia Records


3. Perennial IsolationConviction of Voidness / Darkwoods EU

Perennial Isolation - Conviction of Voidness

4. KrigsgravThe Carrion Fields / Naturmacht Productions


5. Mare CognitumPhobos Monolith / I, Voidhanger Records


6. MolochDie Isolation / Depressive Illusions


7. Ered WethrinTides of War / Northern Silence


8. Crown of TwilightCrown of Twilight / Self Released


 9. PanopticonRoads To the North / Bindrune Recordings


10. Winterfylleth – The Divination of Antiquity/Candlelight Records


Honorable mentions this year (black metal or not):

Mortals – Cursed To See the Future / Relapse
1349Cauldron of Chaos / Season of Mist
The Crawling Shadows / WTC Productions
Woods of DesolationAs The Stars / Northern Silence
BehemothThe Satanist / Metal Blade
FenCarrion Skies / Code 666 Records
Mourn Them – A Forest Mortuary / Self Release

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Khold -Til Endes (2014)

Khold smashes together the perfect blend of black metal and heavy metal with their 6th full length release. Even though they have been together over a decade, this Norwegian band pulls no punches with the material they put out. These guys rock seriously hard. You won’t find anything fancy here, it’s simple – cold brutal black metal with a dark twist. You can purchase the c.d. or vinyl at the Peaceville web store.

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Mountains Crave

Mountains Crave is a fairly new band slowly rising with the potential of being one of the top acts out of the UK black metal scene. I’m surprised they haven’t already become bigger with their heavy original sound. The melodies on this EP evoke nostalgic dreamlike landscapes for my ears yet deliver themselves hard with the old school black metal style. For a debut this is one that Leeds can be proud of and you will enjoy the hell out of them. Self released on No Fun Intended this is worthy of a listen and will hold itself superbly through time.

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Blog Update

Things have been very busy since I returned from my backpacking trip, but I’m already putting together a list for the Top Ten of 2014. It’s been tough picking out what I listened to the most this year and I look forward to sharing it with you very soon.

Presently I’m being thrust into the holidays kicking and screaming, just know that I am thankful for your support, Cheers. \,,/


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Hjørleifsljóð – Askrinn (2014)

I am eating up the first full length release from Askrinn. This pagan black metal from France is strong and you will be hooked right away. With lyrics written in old Norse, it’s heavy with Scandinavian influence so get your free downloads or purchase the CD while its still available on the official website.

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Demo -Numenorean (2014)

Really awesome post black metal from Calgary, AB. Numenorean started off as a two person project that quickly grew to a full lineup. They remind me a lot of Falls of Rauros, a very big sound to inspire and fill your head space. I love it when a band comes out of the gate with a powerful demo. It really sets the bar high for future releases and I’m sure these guys will be up to the challenge. For a two track EP it’s quite strong and left me wanting more, so check it out. Numenorean is on Filth Regime Records.

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Waerachtighe beschryvinghe van drie seylagien, ter werelt noyt soo vreemt ghehoort: Grey Aura (2014)

Grey Aura‘s first full length album is one of the best debuts I’ve heard this year. There are only two members listed, however other musicians contributed to this release that was a couple years in the making. Incorporating a bit of theatrics using voice overs and dialogue, they pull you on to the ice for the voyages of Dutch explorer Willem Barentsz. The smooth production for these hefty 18 tracks don’t detract from the harsh black metal essence of the melodies or experimental riffing. The work captured me from the start and I found it hard to hit pause – like reading a book that was so good you couldn’t wait to turn the page. There’s a mysterious and honest intensity in this project and suddenly I want to learn Dutch.

Grey Aura is presently in discussion with labels so you won’t find the download on Bandcamp anymore. Follow them on Facebook and I highly recommend you keep an ear out for the record.


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Soundcloud Pick: Varathron

Really digging this heavy black metal from Greece. A new album is available now on pre-order through Agonia Records.

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Timeless Wisdom: Crown of Twilight (Remastered)

A remastered Timeless Wisdom EP from one of my favorite projects. I respect any musician who has no qualms about going back to improve a vision. Crown of Twilight has a stripped down delivery with a fresh and unique style. Personally, I loved the last one, but this feels so much bigger.

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Interview: Mare Cognitum

I love the term “cosmic black metal”. What a great way to describe music that transports a listener to a higher plane using elements of classic black metal and atmospheric. The latest release Phobos Monolith by Mare Cognitum is a perfect example of this style. Based out of California, he’s been consistent at delivering exceptional sound for such a young one person project. I feel slightly cheated that its flown under my radar this long, but it’s refreshing to hear at this point in my life. Creator Jacob Buczarski took a moment to answer a few questions:


How long have you been playing?
I began Mare Cognitum officially in 2011 although I technically had begun creating the first tracks in 2010.

Who are some of your favorite musical artists?
Tough question for me to answer. I move through music extremely quickly these days and can’t swear by any one band or artist it seems. But at the start of Mare Cognitum, I remember being inspired by bands like Dissection, Wolves in the Throne Room, Emperor, Deathspell Omega, Inquisition, and so on and so on…

How did you come about starting Mare Cognitum?
I had played in a lot of bands in the years prior to starting Mare Cognitum and in every case they fell apart with no results after periods of great effort. I was tired of my energy going to waste and wanted to play exactly what I wanted whenever I wanted, so I simply sat down and began recording songs. When I felt that the quality of what I was doing actually might be enjoyable to others, I gathered my best work into an album and presented it. The positive response at that point was the real beginning of the project.

With Phobos Monolith, it feels like you are expanding the sound. How does this recording differ from previous work?
The songs focus a little less on riffs and instead lean towards more atmosphere and layers, providing a canvas for a far grander, more majestic presentation musically, while losing a bit of articulation in the sense of technicality. This sort of sound is what I had approached previously on the split with Spectral Lore and I think that I brought that sound to a more refined level on Phobos Monolith. I find it to be a nice balance between riffy metal and the sprawling atmospheric sound that is becoming more common today.

Were there any challenges – if any- in achieving your vision?
Of course! Being a solo project is not easy. I have to scrape time together for every little thing – including this interview. But it’s more rewarding that way. Since I am one person, I reap every benefit of the project 100%, which makes the fact that people actually enjoy what I’m doing extremely rewarding. That fact makes this uphill struggle that much easier.

Any thoughts about elitism when it comes to black metal and it’s genre offshoots?
Elitism is an extremely broad topic and difficult to touch on briefly, so I’ll just talk about my attitude on the subject. I like lots of different music and accept that other people will like the opposite and I couldn’t care less. I just expect people to use their ears and decide for themselves what they want to expose themselves to. It’s childish to sit around complaining about other people’s artistic tastes. Identify the negative, sure – but move on afterwards.

What are your future plans for this project?
To create as much enjoyable art as I can muster before I collapse from exhaustion!

For CD info and download visit Facebook or I, Voidhanger.






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Run to the Hills: Blog Update

Heading off to do some holiday backpacking on the Appalachian Trail so posts will resume on All Hallows Eve – October 31st. There’s a fantastic interview in the works and new music to review, but for now the mountains are calling my name. I’m already struggling to put together a Top 10 list for 2014 and it may turn out to be a Top 12 since so many releases spoke to my heart this year.

Support black metal and thanks for following. \,,/

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Black Kvlt Fest II- The Gates of Hell Open in Miami: Review

This gallery contains 28 photos.

I made two round trips to Churchills for roughly 240 miles for this event and if you’ve ever driven in Miami you know it requires a bit of stealth and the cojones of a runaway bull. Thankfully I possess a … Continue reading

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Black Kvlt Fest II – Miami

Flames are rising over the horizon and the ground begins to shake. Dark clouds are rolling in as the second Black Kvlt Fest prepares to launch the first attack at Churchill’s for two nights of black metal. The horde will be invading from California, Texas, Jacksonville, Tampa and Gainesville for the most soul devouring music around. If you find yourself in the 305 with nothing to do – something is seriously wrong with you. Even the temperature outside has submitted so you won’t be roasting in your battle jacket. Come out and support black metal in the southern abyss.


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Soundcloud Pick: Volahn

Pure and frantic black metal from California, this is smashing today.

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A Forest Mortuary – Mourn Them (2014)

Check out the debut release by Mourn Them.  This icy duo from Oregon lays down a crushing atmosphere and is a must for any collector of low fi analog goodness. Tracks graze on a landscape of dark emotions and it really gives off an original sound. If you are looking for a slick production – this isn’t one. What it does achieve is a unique style using basic equipment to formulate cold and infectious melodies. Purchase your copy on Panzer Records.


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Divarise: DivahaR (2014)

Long awaited debut from DivahaR. These four women mixed elements of black metal, symphonic, along with a genuine Armenian influence to unleash a really powerful album. Attila Csihar (of Mayhem) lends himself as guest vocalist, but Dev’s terrifying growl stands out as brutally awesome. You can download the album here or visit the official page for more information.

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Spotlight: Secrets She Kept

One of my favorite bands in Florida will be performing at Black Kvlt Fest II in Miami this month. Based out of Tampa, they’re a cross between classic black metal & death. Secrets She Kept put on a high energy performance and really deserve a lot more credit. So if you are anywhere near Miami Oct. 17-19th – don’t miss this event.

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Soundcloud Pick: Knokkelklang

Lately I’ve been drifting to darker and more ambient music. This is a track by the mysterious Knokkelklang which means “sound of bones” in Norwegian. I don’t know much about the project, but it’s a good listen. With only a handful of demos released so far, the depressive vibe feels very original so I’m curious to hear more.


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